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If you already have an active NBN service with another provider, we can switch you across to Infinity within a matter of hours. It’s as simple as updating the username and password in your modem.

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Not a problem at all, we have home phone voice services available on our Infinity Voice plans. We welcome you to bring your existing number across.

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We bill our clients in a pro-rata billing schedule, for example if you signed up on the 20th of May, you will be billed for the period 20th – 31st of may (the pro rata period) plus your first months service in advance (for security) i.e. April, you would then be up-to-date until the First of June. From June onward you will simply be billed on the first day of each month for that months service.

Infinity is actually one of the only smaller retail service providers in Australia that operates from its own network. Our network connects right across the Country with our servers in datacentres across every major CBD. This means we can better control the flow of data and ensure a premium internet experience to our customers.

We hope that you continue your service with us, however if you do wish to cancel simply provide us 30 days notice by writing to cancellations@infinity.com.au with your account number and date of birth and we’ll finalise the account for you.

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