Develop With Infinity

Empower your development with cutting edge communications at a fraction of the price the big telco’s charge within a tenth of the timeframe, a hell of a lot less stress & deliver to your stakeholders a network they will thank you for.

Studies have shown that quality fiber networks to developments actually increase occupancy takeup pre-sale & on market by almost 35%

Not only does securing the right telecommunications infrastructure for your project solidify the buyers market, it delivers to your clientele infrastructure built for tomorrow. It delivers real power.

We start by consulting, understanding the development and the desired occupants. We take away a solid factual environmental image of the project & develop multiple use cases. From these use cases we test virtually within our purpose built staging environment in Prestons NSW. Once our solutions team are 100% satisfied we hand our information over to our pre-sales team to develop a formal proposal.

For a 200-500 dwelling development the consulting phase generally takes us 31 days. On average a quarter of the time it will take for one of the larger telco’s to send a consultant to have the first word. We pride ourselves on response & communication.

Post proposal with one of our C level management, we encourage you to source alternative bids & proposals, and we settle on a period agreed for consideration. During the consideration period you will be paired with a senior consultant to discuss the plethora of questions & concerns we’re sure will arrive.

When you’re ready to take up the proposal we then introduce the project to our design & construct team, who will produce design drawings, site access requirements, detail plans & project timelines to complete. Once again we aim to make this process as painless & fast as possible.

Although Infinity is within it’s youth, we provide un-matched excellence in what we do by combining our passion for bedrock performance networks along with experienced infrastructure engineers, rock solid program management, 99.9% project delivery and a vision to deliver the countries most reliable telecommunications infrastructure… there’s no choice that will compare to what we can offer.

Within our group of businesses we’ve engineered a services entity, one that the large telco’s like Optus, Telstra, TPG, Vocus ETC call upon when they need their networks built, maintained, assured & revised. We’re used to getting things done with absolute excellence, minimal budget and we’ve done it for hundreds of our own clientele, without the cream on top.