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Starting at $59/mo

All Plans Include

No Setup Fees

No setup fees, whats the point right? simply setup a plan, grab a modem from us or bring your own & you’re surfing!

Local Australian Support

Our entire business is based right here in Australia. Our office motto is “answer the call in 3 rings or less!” thats service…

No Contracts

You want an internet service, not a marriage. We get that. You wont get tied down to lengthy contracts with Infinity.

Infinity for Home

Which Plan is Right For You?

Similar to ADSL

Web & Emails

Alarm System

Home Phone

Triple ADSL Speeds

Video Streaming

Online Gaming

Multiple Devices

8 x ADSL Speeds!

HD Streaming

Whole Family

Heavy Use


How long will it take to activate my service?

If you’re switching across from another provider and you already have an active nbn™ service we can get you connected in as little as 2 hours with Infinity Rapid Transfer. 

If you’re setting up a new service and you’ve just moved in, as long as the property has an active nbn™ line we can still get you connected in under 2 hours with Infinity Rapid Activation. 

If your applying for a new nbn™ service at a new property we will most likely need to get nbn™ to make a visit & move you across to the new network. This can take up to 7 + business days, we have no control over this unfortunately. Give us a ring to discuss further. 


If I order a modem, how long will it take to arrive?

It depends on your location, to give you some insight we dispatch our modems from NSW & QLD factories. As soon as you place an order our tech team begin working on your modem. We want to get it out to you as quick as possible. For standard metro areas in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, & ACT its generally next business day. For WA & TAS it can take a few days for your modem to arrive. We ship via courier. 

What happens if my service is not as fast as i expected?

On the Infinity for Home plans theres no absolute guarantee on the speeds & performance of your product, this is general across the board with all nbn™ services on traffic class 4. We do work hard to ensure all of our plans are top performing & we beleive we have some of the best quality, most affordable plans in Australia. 

If you do find you’re service is lacking the oomph however give us a ring, drop us a chat or send us an email & we will look straight into it for you. 


Do i have to pay the nbn™ new development fee?

On some Fibre to the Premise properties there is an nbn™ new development fee of $300.00. This is charged to you through us by nbn™ and unfortunately theirs not much we can do about it. We are happy to discuss a payment plan with you however. 

To check if your property attracts the nbn™ new development fee please contact us, we will do a search in our systems and let you know on the spot. 

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What network does Infinity use?

Its not commonly known but we actually have our own Fibre run from many Points of Interconnect (nbn™ / formerly Telstra exchanges) back to our data-centers & servers. We’re a smaller ISP built by IT people. We don’t re-sell services like many of our competition and we focus on premium grade broadband. 

How long has Infinity been around for?

Until recently (2017) Infinity really only worked with small to medium businesses providing solutions such as Dark Fibre, Wavelength, Fixed Wireless, Satellite ETC. Once the nbn™ network began rolling out steadily we decided to open up our offerings to a wider range of clients including residential & micro business (home business) since we did this in 2017 we’ve been on one very interesting ride but we’re proud to say we’re still strong & standing tall. We’re not planning on going anywhere and we look forward to servicing many customers for many years to come!

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