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Our success began back in 2011 when we were working on high quality network & data cabling supplies for the IT market. A few of our founding team were obsessed with quality craftsmanship and outdoing our competition, we set out with an agenda to provide the best possible private gaming network for our friends and family. 

After continued growth and pressure to push boundaries we finally started offering ADSL2 products and services to the Aussie marketplace in late 2013, again with the same focus Quality over Quantity. We did that well. 

Later came the NBN network, with the same problems we saw on ADSL2+ infrastructure, poor connections, Dodgy ISP’s with no experience in layer one or layer 2 networks, and all of a sudden every man and his dog was selling internet (just how the powers that be wanted it)

We decided to take a different path to our competition, we slowly built a network that IT nerds dream of, fully fibre backed, with multiple 10 gigabit interfaces servicing our backbone infrastructure, without going to much more in depth, it is a REALLY premium network, like a V12 Aston Martin. 

Following the small success, and after jumping financial hurdles and scrupulous competition pricing we were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Infinity today has over 10,000 happy clients with less problems & easy + relatable service that’s un-matched by our competition. We have over 30 staff across NSW, QLD & WA that comprise of sales, service, engineering, technical support & many other talents. 

We’ve just launched into civil & communications works with many major carriers that install NBN infrastructure because we feel like why not have a company that understands the problems the NBN faces, and tackle them directly with our own labor force of engineers.

Genuinely, the technical ISP that makes Internet great!


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