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From nbn™ broadband through to technology support. We’ve got a range of products and services built for life.

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nbn™ Broadband

Home & business broadband delivered over Australia’s newest network

Sim Only Mobile

Bring Your Own mobile and we’ll add the SIM card. Simple

Mobile & Handset

Tooking for a bundle? Great value contracts available with SIM + Phone

VoIP Home Phone

The old copper landlines are a thing of the past. Get a VoIP Home Phone

Over The Phone Support

Having tech troubles? let one of our Aussie technicians help over the phone

In Person Tech Support

Cant be solved over the phone? we can send someone out to help you
How long does it take to get connected?

If you're already on the nbn we can get you connected with Infinity in as little as 3-4 hours. If you have never had the nbn before we may need to organise an appointment with a nbn technician to switch your service across from the old network to the new nbn network. Chat with one of our team to find out more.

Will i have to pay a new development fee?

The best way to explain the new development fee from nbn is if your home is brand new and you're having fibre installed direct to the property, or your in a new apartment complex with fibre directly installed it's likely there will be a new development fee attached to your service activation. This is introduced by nbn co not by Infinity.

When will my billing start?

When you sign up for an Infinity service we begin billing from the day your service is activated. Your first bill will contain charges for the pro rata period (the day your service is activated until the end of that month) and your first month in advance. For example, if you sign up for a $89.90 plan and it's activated on the 20th of April, your first bill will include charges from 20/04 to 31/04 (11 days) total charge of $31.90, plus your first months service in advance. All of our customers billing cycles are on the first of each month.

When is my bill due?

Every Infinity customer account is billed on the first day of every month, we do this to make it easier for our clients to manage their funds and know when their bill is due with certainty, as well as make it easier for our accounts team.

Do you have a referral or rewards program?

Yes we do! Infinity Advantage Rewards offers VERY generous rewards for referring friends, family & colleagues across to Infinity. We also prefer to reward for loyalty rather than lock in for security. We do this by offering rewards points and account upgrades for every consecutive month of active service with us. Checkout Advantage Rewards for more info.

How long has Infinity been operating?

Infinity is actually part of a larger technology business based in Sydney & Queensland and founded in 2011.

Do you service all of Australia?

Yes, we do service all of the country as well as parts of New Zealand. From North Queensland to Adelaide, Perth to Sydney, Tasmania & NZ our network extends them all.

Do you offer business services?

Absolutely! We've actually built an entire arm of our business dedicated to small to medium enterprise technology services. Check it out

What network does Infinity use?

Infinity is actually building its very own network, we're not commonly heard about because we keep out client base tight. We're the ONLY ISP in Australia building the NBN and whilst we're on that we're also building our own network. Where our network is not available we use Vocus, Optus and Telstra telecoms lines to deliver our services across to our clients. 

Can i bring my phone number across to Infinity?

Sure can, you will need a compatible VoIP modem to use the phone service however... We suggest purchasing one of our pre-configured modem's if you're not too tech saavy. 

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