Why Infinity?

To begin, we’re not just selling another providers services. Infinity is uniquely positioned as one of the only small to medium service providers in the country that physically owns their network. From the Fiber in the ground to the exchanges that connect the nbn™

Our network is also international, we have Dark Fiber connecting our core network in Australia through to the worlds most common internet exchange locations, with physical presences in Europe (Poland, London) USA (Los Angeles, Miami) Canada (Toronto) Asia (Singapore) and New Zealand (Wellington).

With a Fiber First network built from next generation technology, the latest hardware & premium Dark Fiber we can guarantee connectivity like no other provider in Australia can.

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Infinity was born in Sutherland (Sydney Australia). Since its establishment in 2011, we’re now strategically positioned in 4 states to offer the entire east coast of Australia premium serviceability. 

Our head office is based in Alexandria (Sydney) in order to be as close to our core network as possible. Our core network is also located within multiple Datacenters based in Alexandria, Mascot & North Sydney. This lets us rapidly deploy response teams should a network emergency take place. Part of our commitment as Australia’s most reliable ISP

When it comes to staff & support, forget the superlative quarrels of our competition, we offer selective support to suit your level of budget & comfort. Every time you call us you will speak to someone right here in Australia, usually from our team in Alexandria otherwise from our solutions team in the Gold Coast. We will never outsource your business. 

We’re not here to lock our clients into long term relationships, our belief is that with quality comes trust, and with trust comes loyalty. 

All of our consumer plans are setup in a way that promotes an open and honest relationship from day one. We’re that confident in our products and services that you wont need to look anywhere else, however if you do just give us 30 days notice & we’ll close the relationship.

If we’ve given hardware to you as part of your plan and you choose to cancel your service before the hardware has been paid off, simply pay out the rest of the hardware as part of your final bill. 

The only time we will ever discuss a fixed term contract with you is if we’re looking at providing non-standard services such as dedicated fiber to the building or higher than usual expenditure on hardware. Just for our safety to ensure we can amortise the cost of the products and services offered.  

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Happy networks start with happy customers, happy customers mean delivering the best possible experience from pre-sales to after-sales support. 

We’ve built a range of products and services with bolt-on support packs to suit. For us to deliver the level of service we pride ourselves on we must maintain a solid team of engineers & consultants with real world telecommunications & IT systems infrastructure experience within our operations centers right here in Australia. This level of service doesn’t come without a cost hence we have built a range of curated support options to match your budget and expectations.

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