Imagine an ISP that knows what they are selling.

We build, maintain & service the nbn network, from the fibre in the ground to the technology in your life.

Our Services

We sell next generation broadband delivered via the nbn™ network, which we actually build.

Retail Stores

Infinity stores are spreading across Australia. Keep an eye on our new stores list to see when Infinity is coming to your local retail outlet.

Unlimited Data

Almost a given now, all of our fixed broadband plans come with unlimited data. Stream, browse, and download to you’re hearts content with no limits!

The nbn™ is a great network!

Funny right? We’re serious. If the network is built by people who know the issues that consumers are facing, delivered services can be re-engineered and the problems can be solved.

Completely Local

Our whole business is operated right here in Australia. With our offices based in each state of the country that look after customers within each state. Friendly, knowledgeable & most importantly we get things done.

Our Features

More than just an Internet Service Provider

At Infinity, we’re constantly looking for ways to better service our customers, we’ve engineered a range of products to keep your home technology & communications in harmony.

Home Broadband Our specialty is in fixed broadband, the nbn™ is what we know and we do it very well.
Mobile & Handsets We’re working on a great range of mobile plans and bundle offers. From iPhones to Nokias!
Technology Repairs From viruses to annoying noises, book an appointment with a technician or visit a store.

Phone Support Can’t get the TV to connect to your wifi? Having troubles installing software? We have over-the-phone & on-site support available.

Retail Stores We’re launching approximately 74 stores across Australia during the next 48 months… 
Diversity Broadband, Telecoms, Technology & more. We’ve got you covered across a wide range of products & services.


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24/7 Award Winning Support

Our number one priority is ensuring our customers are happy with not only the product they are purchasing, but also the service that comes with it.

No Contract Options

We have flexible month to month plans available, we get that you’re after an internet service… Not a marriage. Join the family with no strings attached.

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It's the little things in life that count, like service right at your finger tips. Try it and see!